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Strategic Alliances will allow scaling of Dispurse Literacy Program in Cajamarca

Since 2023, Dispurse Foundation has been working in collaboration with the Rotary Club Cajamarca and the CEBA Fray Shahuano Murrieta on an innovative literacy project in the province of Cajamarca. This project has been a collaborative effort to utilize Dispurse's FOCUS literacy methodology, leveraging technology to overcome barriers and provide educational opportunities to those who need it most.

Strategic Alliances will allow scaling of Dispurse Literacy Program in Cajamarca

By 2024, new key actors have joined this project. Provincial Municipality of Cajamarca, the Social Development Management of the Regional Government, the Regional Directorate of Education, the National University of Cajamarca, UGEL Cajamarca and DVV International have joined this initiative. The main objective is to deploy an intervention in the province of Cajamarca to serve 200 illiterate women.

Cajamarca faces significant challenges in terms of education and socioeconomic development. According to the National Household Survey (ENAHO 2022), the region is the third with the highest illiteracy rate, reaching 10.7%. Furthermore, at the national level, Cajamarca is among the 5 poorest departments in the country. This reality reflects the close relationship between the persistence of poverty and the lack of access to education.

The joint work between Dispurse Foundation, Rotary Club Cajamarca, CEBA Fray Shahuano Murrieta and new allies represents a solid commitment to address these challenges. We hope that this year will be a period of significant progress in our mission to provide education and opportunities to those who need it most in the province of Cajamarca.

Dispurse Digital facilitator training has started

As part of our collaboration with EDUCO and the Fundación Centro de Cultura Popular (FCCP) we have started our Digital Facilitator training as part of the planned implementation of Dispurse Literacy Program aimed at low literate mothers in Bolivia.

Dispurse literacy program expands to Hualgayoc

We are pleased to announce that we have started our literacy program with FOCUS in the district of Bambamarca with 245 young and adult students who are illiterate or have incomplete primary education.