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Literacy in La Ensenada with your support!

This month we have started a new literacy group in La Ensenada, north of Lima, thanks to the support of people who donated second-hand devices through the campaign "Donate a tablet, change a life".

Literacy in La Ensenada with your support!

The work is developed within the framework of a cooperation agreement with Mano a Mano Peru, a non-profit association with more than 30 years of intervention in the district of Puente Piedra, whose objective is to strengthen the literacy program through the implementation of the Dispurse methodology, based on the use of the FOCUS application and didactic materials.

The program is aimed at illiterate young and adult women in the town of La Ensenada and seeks to contribute to their empowerment and community development, promoting education as a key tool for social change. It is important to note that many women living in La Ensenada are migrants from the highlands of Peru and could not access or did not complete primary education, facing additional difficulties for their integration and development in society.

You can also be part of this change! We invite more people to join our cause to strengthen our work in Lima and other regions of the country. With your help, we can continue to transform lives and communities through education. Donate a Tablet, change a life!

Dispurse Digital facilitator training has started

As part of our collaboration with EDUCO and the Fundación Centro de Cultura Popular (FCCP) we have started our Digital Facilitator training as part of the planned implementation of Dispurse Literacy Program aimed at low literate mothers in Bolivia.

Dispurse literacy program expands to Hualgayoc

We are pleased to announce that we have started our literacy program with FOCUS in the district of Bambamarca with 245 young and adult students who are illiterate or have incomplete primary education.