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138 students completed their literacy process in the Los Baños del Inca district

In March we celebrated a significant milestone in Los Baños del Inca: the graduation of 138 students, who successfully have completed their literacy process through the FOCUS application. This achievement is the result of a joint commitment between the District Municipality of Los Baños del Inca and Dispurse Foundation.

138 students completed their literacy process in the Los Baños del Inca district

During the year 2023, 150 people started the literacy program in 6 population centers in the district with the use of technology. Through group sessions taught by facilitators, who visited the students' homes, tablets and other teaching resources were used to facilitate learning.

Roxana Callirgos, deputy manager of Social Development of the Municipality of Los Baños del Inca, stated that the alliance with the Dispurse Foundation is a sign of a solid commitment to education and the eradication of illiteracy in the district.

This achievement not only represents the individual success of our students, but also a step forward in our collective commitment to the education and development of Peru. We congratulate all our graduating students and renew our commitment to continue working together to contribute to eradicating illiteracy in the Cajamarca region.

Dispurse Digital facilitator training has started

As part of our collaboration with EDUCO and the Fundación Centro de Cultura Popular (FCCP) we have started our Digital Facilitator training as part of the planned implementation of Dispurse Literacy Program aimed at low literate mothers in Bolivia.

Dispurse literacy program expands to Hualgayoc

We are pleased to announce that we have started our literacy program with FOCUS in the district of Bambamarca with 245 young and adult students who are illiterate or have incomplete primary education.