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Vote for Dispurse in the competition ConectaRSE!

We are happy to announce that we are finalists in the ConectaRSE para Crecer contest, organized by Telefónica in Perú. We are participating in the rural entrepreneurship category and education as subcategory.

The goal of the contest is to identify, recognize and enhance initiatives that, through the use of Information and Communication Technologies, have a positive impact on the social and economic development of rural communities in Peru.

A winning initiative will be chosen for each sub category, which will receive an amount of S / 10,000, which should to enhance its project. An absolute winner will also be recognized, who will receive an additional amount of S / 10,000 for their project.

So far the Dispurse Foundation has managed to teach over 600 people how to read, write and make basic mathematical calculations.  In addition, we have over 800 young people and adults in 4 regions of Peru currently participating in our program Focus where they will learn how to read, write and make basic mathematical calculations. With the ConectaRSE contest prize we would be able to help more people to get out of poverty through education. If we win the contest we could create support tools for our students participating in the Focus program.

We invite you all to vote for us, by "liking" the publication of Movistar Peru found in the following link: https://www.facebook.com/movistarperu/photos/a.10156436621051123/10156436623826123/?type=3&theater

Voting is open until November 8!

Thank you for your support!