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Organization of Ibero-American States - OEI

Organization of Ibero-American States - OEI

The Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture - OEI, is the multilateral organization for cooperation among Spanish and Portuguese speaking Ibero-American countries. It conceives education, science and culture as tools for human development and generators of opportunities to build a better future for all. 

The OEI has been a pioneer in the development of youth and adult learning programs in Ibero-America for more than 30 years, with the intention, later reflected in the 2030 Agenda, of leaving no one behind.

The collaboration agreement that the OEI and Dispurse signed in February 2023, aims to establish inter-institutional cooperation mechanisms, through the implementation of activities, projects and programs that are considered relevant and that contribute to the care of adults in conditions of illiteracy and the promotion of educational continuity of adults, especially those in vulnerable areas of the country.

Dispurse's Learning Program also contemplates the Promotion of Reading, in people with initial reading levels; and Community Education, as a model aimed at generating an educating community that encourages lifelong education and for the comprehensive sustainable development of the population in its territory.

Dispurse makes its educational program available to OEI, so that it can be developed in areas where there are conditions to be implemented by actions that OEI carries out directly or through its counterparts.