• Contribute to a world without poverty through education

About us


Contribute to a world without poverty through education

We are a foundation whose purpose is to fight poverty through education. We are politically and religiously independent. Until 2011, we worked with education mainly by building schools and administering scholarships for women in different parts of the world. In 2012, we began the development of FOCUS, which is a digital literacy education, packaged as an application, for women who for various reasons have not had the opportunity to develop a basic literacy. FOCUS is tested by our target group continuously and is constantly evolving.

Our projects

Our projects are carried out together with national, regional and local actors with a focus on offering women the opportunity to educate themselves.

Our work

At Dispurse, we are convinced that a holistic approach is required to make real and sustainable change and that we are stronger together. This conviction is reflected in our work, which consists of three parts

Support our work

Support us and create a better life for women. Being able to read, write and count is not only a human right, it is also a key to being able to live an independent life and to become a positive force that can help influence and develop society.

Our Mission

We develop innovative, individualized and cost-effective learning materials for adults to enable them to cope better in their everyday life, improve their financial situation and give them the opportunity to actively participate in and develop the society in which they live.

We build networks that engage actors in building a poverty-free, sustainable society.

We base our work on proven experience and current research in adult education.

Our history

Our work started in 1993 thanks to our founder Gert Johansson's vision and initiative. Gert was convinced that education is one of the most important factors that can enable change both for the individual and for societies as a whole. Describing the history of how and why Dispurse came into being feels important, for us who work with it, for those who develop through the foundation's work and for you who follow and support our work.


“If you want to get something done, you should start where it is at its worst!”

Taking responsibility of our technological waste 

For us, taking responsibility of our technological waste is a crucial matter. Thats why we collaborate with the peruvian organization A Caminar who works to help families and children living i extreme poverty in Lima. Through this collaboration our technological waste can be reused and recycled helping people in need. For more information about A caminar go to https://www.acaminar.org/


Join us and create a better life for women

Over 770 million people in the world lack basic literacy. Of these, a majority are women. This is a figure that we at Dispurse want to change. Support us and take part in the fight for everyone's right to education!