• Contribute to a world without poverty through education

Our work

We believe in a holistic approach for sustainable change

At Dispurse, we are convinced that a holistic approach is required to make real and sustainable change and that we are stronger together. This conviction is reflected in our work, which consists of three parts.

We work partly to, with the help of FOCUS, our methodology and our teaching material, give women the opportunity to develop a basic literacy that is functional, digital and critical.

We also work to ensure that the communities in which our participants live and work can offer opportunities for their citizens to study in subjects that they need and are interested in, and exchange thoughts and ideas linked to reading.

Finally, we work, together with national, regional and local actors, to give people the opportunity to educate themselves in areas that they need and are interested in.


Together, we believe that these three parts bring real and lasting change



FOCUS wants to offer women the opportunity to develop a basic literacy. FOCUS has a content that focuses on usability and meaningfulness and the technology enables more women to have the opportunity to educate themselves as they can study in places and times that suit their life situation.

Further education

Further education

We work to give our participants the opportunity to continue their education in the areas they want and need. By engaging national, regional and local actors, we create opportunities for further education for our participants.

Reading spaces

Reading spaces

Our work includes the creation of meeting places where our participants can read, discuss literature and exchange experiences together. The material offered is based on the participants' needs and interest in the communities we work.

Our pedagogy

We see it as our task to offer our participants an education characterized by a clear resource perspective where all the individual's languages, previous experiences and culture should be the starting point for learning.

Maria's World

At the beginning of 2020, we introduced the concept "Maria's world" in FOCUS. In Maria's world, the participant gets to meet the main character Maria and follow her life in the fictional village of Altamayo. 

Maria represents our primary target group and is the person that our participants can follow through the education. Through the introduction of Maria and her world, we want to offer meaningful and useful content where participants have the opportunity to take as their starting point their linguistic, socio-cultural and literacy-related experiences.

Our global organization

At Dispurse, distance is no obstacle to either collaboration, development or good ideas. At Dispurse, we are a dedicated global team that works every day for everyone's right to education.