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Pensión 65

Pensión 65

We maintain a strong partnership with the National Solidarity Assistance Program Pension 65 of the Peruvian Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion. Since 2019, 327 older adults in extreme poverty, users of Pension 65, have positively transformed their lives by learning to read and write.

The agreement between Dispurse and Pension 65, extends until 2025, with the objective of contributing to the education of illiterate older adults who are users of the Social Program, through literacy education actions with the use of the FOCUS application and teaching materials.

To achieve this, the aim is to increase the level of literacy in reading, writing and basic mathematical calculation of older adult users of Pension 65, and to strengthen territorial management with local governments and other actors.

This collaboration between Pension 65, Dispurse and local governments not only seeks to provide educational tools, but also to empower older adults, allowing them to actively participate in society and significantly improve their quality of life. It also represents a tangible commitment to human development and social inclusion, demonstrating the positive impact that can be achieved through inter-institutional collaboration and the innovative use of technology for the benefit of the most vulnerable population.