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Regional Government of Cusco

Regional Government of Cusco

Illiteracy is one of the main social problems in Peru. According to figures from the National Survey to 2022, the illiteracy rate of the population over 15 years of age reaches 5.1% nationwide.  This figure increases in Cusco, the historical capital of our country, where it exceeds 9.6%, being the fourth region with the highest illiteracy rate in the country. 

To reduce these worrying figures, in November 2022 the Dispurse Foundation and the Regional Government of Cusco signed an inter-institutional agreement and in December 2023, a specific agreement was signed with the Regional Education Management of Cusco for the implementation of the Regional Literacy Program "It is never too late to learn - Atikunmi (yes we can)", in which Dispurse's literacy proposal will be implemented using the FOCUS application and its didactic materials, in tablets that do not need internet for its operation.

This is a joint proposal of the Regional Government of Cusco, the Education Development Management, promoted since 2019 by the International Cooperation Office, which also has the involvement of local governments, Unidad de Gestión Educativa Local and Alternative Basic Education Centers in the region, with the direct involvement of their management and teaching teams.

By 2024, Atikunmi will focus on the provinces of Cusco, Quispicanchi, Paruro and Chumbivilcas; and will be implemented in close collaboration with the CEBA teams, which guarantees the official certification and educational continuity of the students. Teachers will be trained in the Dispurse methodology, adapting an efficient training route based on the identification of students' learning and knowledge.