• Contribute to a world without poverty through education

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At Dispurse, we are convinced that a holistic approach is required to make real and sustainable change and that we are stronger together

Through your contribution, more and more women can learn to read, write and count. Thanks to the FOCUS application and our methodology, we can reach more women than traditional education. Through your contribution, we can also offer more women the opportunity to educate themselves in areas that they are interested in and need, in order to support their families.

 Through your contribution, we can create sustainable communities where local actors take responsibility for creating educational opportunities for their citizens. In this way, your contribution lives on and can benefit many more for a long time to come.

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We are of course grateful for all the support we can receive and are open to finding alternative forms of cooperation within the framework of our values. Feel free to contact us with thoughts or questions about collaborations, via email contact@dispurse.org or phone +46 (0) 708-737 850.


Ann-Britt Johansson

Chairman of the Board and CFO Dispurse


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