• Contribute to a world without poverty through education

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Support our work and give more women the opportunity to learn to read, write and count

Support our work by making a donation for a number of students or groups. Through your contribution, we can start more groups and give more women the opportunity to learn to read, write and count as well as the opportunity for them to learn more in areas they are interested in and need in order to support their children and families.

Our literacy program lasts 6-9 months and costs approximately 130 USD. 

For 130 USD the student in our program receives:

  • Tablet with FOCUS
  • Complementary teaching materials
  • Teaching by facilitator
  • Digital resources
  • The possibility to participate in reading spaces
  • The possibility of further education according to interest and needs

Support the development of our education

We strive to continuously develop our education, both its content but also to translate the education into other languages to reach more people. Support our development and be part of our journey!

For more information on how you can support the development of our education contact us via contact@dispurse.org!


Do you want to know more?

We are of course grateful for all the support we can receive and are open to finding alternative forms of cooperation within the framework of our values. Feel free to contact us with thoughts or questions about collaborations, via email contact@dispurse.org or phone +46 (0) 708-737 850.


Ann-Britt Johansson

Chairman of the Board and CFO Dispurse


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