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Regional Government of Cajamarca

Regional Government of Cajamarca

The Regional Government of Cajamarca promotes regional, integral and sustainable development, promoting public and private investment and employment, guaranteeing the full exercise of rights and equal opportunities for its inhabitants in accordance with national and regional development plans and programs.

Dispurse has an educational proposal that includes the use of the FOCUS application and educational materials for individual and group learning, evaluation instruments necessary for the implementation of the proposal, as well as capacity building of the personnel involved. The educational proposal will provide educational attention to students from 15 years of age and older who are illiterate, mainly in rural and extremely poor areas.

Since the beginning of its operations in Peru, Dispurse has been serving the illiterate population with innovative proposals, specifically in the Cusco and Cajamarca regions. The joint work with the UGEL San Marcos, Jaén and San Ignacio in the Cajamarca region for the acceleration and certification of learning of the illiterate population stands out. As a result of this experience, in April 2022, the Regional Education Directorate of Cajamarca approves the guidelines and orientations for the fulfillment of actions that guarantee the Certification and Acceleration of Learning to close the educational gap of illiterate young people and adults, in collaboration with the Educational Institutions and Programs of Alternative Basic Education, Higher Pedagogical Education and Technical Productive Education in accordance with the regulations in force.

In September 2023, the new management of the Regional Government of Cajamarca and the Dispurse Foundation signed an inter-institutional cooperation agreement that contemplates the execution of activities that allow the implementation of the educational proposal of Dispurse, based on the need to strengthen education for youth and adults as the vehicle to help eradicate poverty in the Cajamarca region.