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Reading spaces

Reading spaces are a strategy for strengthening and promoting participants' learning

A reading space is a meeting place that is created to promote reading and conversations about experiences connected to reading. The texts that the participants  work with are based on the needs and priorities of the people in the society.

Our goal

Our goal is to create spaces for reading in the communities where we work. We create these reading spaces together with local actors and other allies. The goal is to be able to offer our participants and their families the opportunity for dialogue and reading.

Therefore, we work, among other things, to have a dialogue about the needs, interests and ambitions of our participants.

We also have discussions about knowledge, norms, traditions and culture to develop the participants' opportunities to actively participate in the communities in which they live and work.

Activities we promote in our reading spaces:

  • Joint reading and discussion about literature

  • Writing workshops

  • Book loans

  • Promoting the use of digital resources

And above all, we promote reading together within the family because we believe that it is the most important space for the development of good reading habits.

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FOCUS wants to offer women the opportunity to develop a basic literacy. FOCUS has a content that focuses on usability and meaningfulness and the technology enables more women to have the opportunity to educate themselves as they can study in places and times that suit their life situation.

Further Education

We work to give our participants the opportunity to continue their education in the areas they want and need. By engaging national, regional and local actors, we create opportunities for further education for our participants.