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Literacy Program in Los Baños del Inca

Literacy Program in Los Baños del Inca

In a world where the number of illiterate people reaches 763 million, the Peruvian reality reflects the urgency of addressing this challenge, with more than 9.6 million people over 15 years of age not completing their basic education. In rural areas, this problem especially affects women, with an illiteracy rate close to 25%.

The Dispurse Foundation has taken on the responsibility of addressing this educational crisis through its basic literacy program, which is functional, digital and critical, oriented towards youth and adults, with a special focus on women in vulnerable areas.

The FOCUS application, designed for tablets without internet connection, becomes a key tool. It offers interactive activities that allow students to have autonomy to develop reading, writing and basic arithmetic skills. This temporal and spatial flexibility adapts to the family and productive dynamics of the participants.

The literacy process is personalized through the identification of learning, generating a map of competencies and applying strategies adapted to each student. An outstanding example of success is evident in the province of Cajamarca, specifically in the collaboration with the Municipality of Los Baños del Inca.

This collaboration, initiated in 2018, has enabled the effective implementation of the FOCUS program. The Municipality, committed to local development, recognizes the importance of educating young and adult women in the district. This commitment is based on the conviction that literacy will positively impact fundamental aspects such as:

  • Empowerment: facilitating active decision making.
  • Family health: Contributing to significant improvement.
  • Employment opportunities: Positively affecting employment and entrepreneurship possibilities.
  • Democratic participation: Fostering governance and participation in society.

The Municipality of Los Baños del Inca emphasizes the urgency of providing accessible, contextualized and functional literacy for adult life. This coherent and holistic approach underpins the ongoing partnership with Dispurse, marking a milestone in the educational transformation of the community.