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Dispurse and the District Municipality of Chetilla sign an agreement to combat illiteracy

Dispurse and the District Municipality of Chetilla sign an agreement to combat illiteracy

Chetilla, one of the two districts in the department of Cajamarca where Quechua is spoken, is the setting for this initiative aimed at empowering women through education. The Quechua language, a fundamental part of the cultural identity of this people, will become a bridge to knowledge and literacy.

According to the 2017 Census of the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics of Peru, the district of Chetilla faces an illiteracy rate of 25.8%, being higher in women (32.4%) than in men (19.2%). Factors such as limited access to education in rural areas, poverty and discrimination contribute to this problem. The signing of the agreement between the Chetilla District Municipality and the Dispurse Foundation is of great importance in this context.

This agreement has allowed the municipality to acquire tablets to initiate Dispurse's basic, digital, functional and critical literacy program, aimed at young women and adults, with the objective of reducing the high illiteracy rate, demonstrating that education is the fundamental pillar for the development of the district, as emphasized by Mayor Héctor Landa Nachucho at the program's launching ceremony.

The program of the Dispurse Foundation proposes the use of the FOCUS application on tablets, a solution designed to work autonomously and does not require internet for its operation. This application provides students with the opportunity to learn to read and write at their own pace and in their own time, eliminating geographical and connectivity barriers. 

We are determined to contribute to reducing the illiteracy gap in Chetilla. This program is not just an educational initiative; it is a significant step towards equality, empowerment and sustainable development of the district.