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Dispurse expands to new locations in Peru.

At Dispurse, we are very proud that our literacy program, as well as our proposal on how to certify adults who have attended our literacy program, is successful and that we are now expanding as new districts start new groups. Our literacy program, in collaboration with the educational authorities in Peru, provides national certification corresponding to the first two years of formal adult education. The certification is extremely important for our participants and enables them to study further. The certification means a whole range of other things such as the opportunity to get a driver's license, get a job more easily as this is a basic requirement from the employer and also increases the opportunity for a higher salary. 

Dispurse expands to new locations in Peru.

The certification gives our target group who have not previously had the opportunity to study the opportunity to change their and their children's lives!

On March 23 this year, a meeting was held to present the results obtained in 2021 in the implementation of the Dispurse literacy program and our proposal on how to accelerate and certify learning for the adult population who lack basic literacy, in our literacy program.

During the meeting, it was highlighted that 26 participants out of 32 successfully completed the literacy program over a period of 6 months and then received the official certification of CEBA San Marcos, giving them the opportunity to continue their studies in formal adult education.

This meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education, the Director of UGEL San Marcos and other important actors. During the meeting, the focus was on coordinating and planning the implementation of the second year of joint work in the José Sabogal districts. These districts are home to over 40% of the total population of the district and a district where the inhabitants live in extreme poverty.

This is not charity, this is development!

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