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Dispurse Learning Center

Dispurse Learning Center

At Dispurse Foundation, we focus on educating youth and adults in vulnerable areas, with a special focus on women who did not have access to formal education. Since 2017, we have led this effort through our innovative digitally based literacy program supported by the FOCUS app, a digital tool designed with our own methodology.

FOCUS, installed on tablets, offers users the autonomy to develop learning processes in reading, writing and basic arithmetic independently, eliminating the need for constant support from teachers or facilitators.

Our proposal covers four fundamental areas: 

Basic literacy, based on practices such as analysis, text use, meaning making and code breaking.

Functional literacy, where learning is closely linked to the daily needs of each person.

Digital literacy, which goes beyond the use of technological devices, incorporating competencies such as information search and participation in social networks.

• Critical literacy, developing the ability to question and understand inequalities and power relations in society.

Our educational proposal includes linkage strategies adapted to geographical dispersion and the availability of facilitators in each intervention area. Participants begin their literacy training by identifying their learning, creating a competency map that guides the implementation of personalized strategies. 

At Dispurse, we are committed to quality, which is why we are committed to continuous improvement and hands-on application with our students. All of our innovations, including pedagogical strategies, the FOCUS application and educational materials and resources, are meticulously tested in our Learning Center in Cajamarca, with a special focus on low literate participants.