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Literacy to combat Anemia amongst children

Literacy to combat Anemia amongst children

The Cajamarca region faces significant challenges, with alarming rates of child anemia (38.2%) and chronic child malnutrition (19.6%). At the same time, the National Household Survey (ENAHO 2022) reveals that Cajamarca has a worrying illiteracy rate of 10.7%, placing it among the 5 poorest departments nationally. This reality disproportionately affects women (7.5%) compared to men (2.7%), underscoring the urgency of addressing the education gap to transform these interconnected realities.

In response to this problem, the Regional Government of Cajamarca has launched crucial initiatives, such as the Pact for the Development and Autonomy of Women and the Articulated Program for the Prevention and Reduction of Anemia and Chronic Child Malnutrition. The Dispurse Foundation joins these strategies with the implementation of its literacy program in 30 districts of the region, starting in Cortegana, province of Celendín.

It is essential to highlight the positive impact of literacy on mothers of children with anemia and malnutrition. Acquiring literacy skills not only strengthens the autonomy of these women, but also allows them to access crucial information about the health and well-being of their children. Education becomes a powerful tool to break the cycle of anemia and malnutrition, empowering mothers to make informed decisions about nutrition and care for their families.

In September 2023, the new management of the Regional Government of Cajamarca and the Dispurse Foundation renewed their commitment by signing an inter-institutional cooperation agreement. This agreement will promote the implementation of Dispurse's educational proposal for basic literacy that is functional, digital and critical, in coordination with local and educational authorities, recognizing education as the key vehicle to boost development in the Cajamarca region.