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New goals for Dispurse Learning Center in Cajamarca

The year 2024 will mark an important milestone for Dispurse as we work closely with students in the communities of San José de las Madres and Quinuapata.

New goals for Dispurse Learning Center in Cajamarca

The tablet rotation strategy will be the mainstay, along with the introduction of the latest version of our FOCUS app. Designed to strengthen digital literacy skills, this innovative version will be developed and thoroughly tested at our Learning Center in Cajamarca.

Dispurse's educational approach stands out for its adaptability to geographic dispersion and the availability of facilitators. Participants will begin their literacy training by identifying their learning, creating a competency map that will guide them towards personalized strategies. Those with varying levels of learning will be able to invest less time in the Literacy Program, adjusting to their individual needs.

At the Dispurse Learning Center in Cajamarca, we are committed to quality and continuous improvement. All of our innovations, from pedagogical strategies to the FOCUS application and educational materials, are meticulously tested. This approach, with special attention to students with absolute illiteracy, reflects our commitment to educational excellence and sustainable progress.

Dispurse Literacy Program expands into Bolivia!

We are excited to announce that Dispurse Foundation is taking a major step forward in its mission to provide education to those who need it most. Thanks to a valuable partnership agreement with Fundación Educación y Cooperación (EDUCO), we are embarking on a new chapter of collaboration that aims to change lives in Bolivia.

Reportage from Cajamarca- America Noticias

In the heart of Chetilla and Los Baños del Inca, Cuarto Poder takes us to meet Jovita, Juana, Máxima and Gregoria, students of our literacy program with the FOCUS application.