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What benefit does it yield?

We want to eradicate poverty by teaching people to read, write and count

Dispurse Foundation has worked since 1994 to eradicate poverty through education. Dispurse has worked in many countries but today primarily in South America and in regions where the need for basic reading and writing skills is very large. In Peru alone, there are at least 2 million people who lack basic reading and writing skills. Dispurse target groups are girls and women up to 40 years old, but no one is excluded, which means that children, men and handicapped also participate.

Our stepping stone is peoples reality  

We know that people who can read, write and count more easily have the opportunity to influence their own lives but also their surroundings. Our work with women creates a snowball effect, among other things, because the women, through their newly acquired knowledge, can both help their children with homework and get better conditions for managing everyday and work. Taking and getting paid correctly on the market is of great importance to all those who live by what the earth provides.

Innovation and new technology create fantastic opportunities

Today, we are fully financed by the return  on capital and contributions from companies and organizations. It gets us a bit, but we want to expand more, and faster. And now, through innovation, we have the opportunity to help many, many more. How? Well, with the help of Focus, a unique app we have developed for 6 years together with brain researchers, educators and test groups consisting of 400 people in South America, we can now help many more, faster and at much lower costs. What makes the Focus app unique in comparison to other educational apps is that Focus teaches young and adults to write, read and count from scratch without the support of teachers or tutors. All that is needed is a reading plate (which many can share).

The goal is to educate 25,000 within 3 years

Since the launch of Focus in spring 2017, we have already been able to educate 1,200 women in Peru, but this is just the beginning. The goal is that at least 25,000 people in Peru must have completed our program within 3 years.

But we need your help!

Purchase of reading plates, logistics, coordination and further development costs…

… Yes, maybe not so much with Swedish dimensions measured, but for these families it is often unattainable. For about SEK 150 per person, we equip them with a tablet (which they can share with others), our self-study program Focus and support persons who follow their path on the path of knowledge. And it works!

We receive daily positive reactions from people who go or have attended the education and now Peru's largest university has initiated a validation process so that we can, among other things, offer our students a certificate of obtained knowledge, something that builds extremely much pride among the participants. So…

… If you want to be a part of improving for these people, we will gladly receive your support. As I said, for SEK 150 you have embarked on the journey out of poverty for a human being, right now in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, but we will continue into the world as far as the money is enough, because everyone has the right to read, write and count!

Kind regards Dispurse Foundation!

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