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The Minister of Education in Peru awarded Dispurse

The Minister of Education, Professor Idel Vexler, awarded the "Allies for Education 2017" to 52 private organizations that promote projects aligned to public education policies in favor of thousands of students in the country.
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“Education is key to combating illiteracy, but if poverty is to be eradicated, it must form part of a much larger puzzle.”

We take the opportunity to meet Håkan over a cup of coffee in Gothenburg in conjunction with one of his rare visits to Sweden. Håkan Silfverlin has been living and working in Peru and South America generally for the last 12 years. Since 2016 he has lead Dispurse’s extensive efforts to eradicate poverty in Peru through innovative teaching materials (Focus) and modern technology. His target is ambitious – for Dispurse to reach 25,000 students in 2018.

“A long-term and systematic approach that involves people, academia, business, and the public sector is required to create the core of well-developed societies. Consequently, Dispurse’s efforts to eradicate illiteracy are in symbiosis with other societal developments and a variety of networks".  Read more on News, blogs & film!

After four years of testing by 400 participants in 4 countries

Swedish Dispurse launches unique app

"Dispurse Focus – a unique app and digital literacy programme that teaches people with no previous knowledge to read, write and do arithmetic from scratch without any support from a teacher or supervisor".

On 23 March 2017, we will be launching our Dispurse Focus app after 6 years of development together with neuroscientists, educators and test groups made up of around 400 individuals on the ground in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia.

Following our successful test period we are now significantly accelerating the process and making a bid to bring 25 000 more women on board over the next three years, focusing on Peru. You can read more about Dispurse Focus here and you can view a film about the app below.

What benefit does it yield?
“The benefit that they see themselves in being able to read, write and do arithmetic is first of all being able to help their children with school work. And it is also important for them not to be cheated when selling their goods. Almost everyone is involved in some type of selling; they sell crops, handicrafts or other items on the street or at markets, for example".
Isabel Carranza
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The goal is 25,000 students in 2020!
“By taking the circumstances, environment and everyday lives of participants as our starting point we can more easily help to ensure that they receive support to initially develop basic literacy and at the next level functional literacy.”
Beatrice Johansson, Project leader and development coordinator for Dispurse application development
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