Education against poverty

About Dispurse

This is us

We are a foundation whose purpose is to combat poverty through education. We are politically and religiously independent.

Our work began in 1993 thanks to our founder Gert Johansson's vision and initiative. He was convinced that education is one of the most important pieces of puzzle that every individual can have to get out of poverty.

Until 2011, we worked with education primarily by building schools and administering scholarships for girls in different parts of the world, but in 2012 we started the development of FOCUS which is a digital tool (app) to learn illiterate reading, writing and count without any help from the teacher.

At Dispurse we are convinced that being able to read, write and count is not just a human right but also the key to being able to live an independent life and be a positive force that can participate, influence and help for sustainable democratic social development. 

We work with reading and writing skills as a platform, which means that the individual can acquire knowledge of how to develop themselves and the society in which they live. Which, as step two, means that we have and will develop materials for, among other things:

By teaching digital tools, we provide users with basic knowledge to be able to use the digital tools that are becoming a prerequisite for being able to communicate in the new world. Our model includes three steps, where the definition for functional literacy is"person who can engage in all activities in which literacy is required in their community and also for enabling them to continue to use reading, writing and calculation for their own and the community’s development". 

Our target group is young and low-income adults, mainly women, in vulnerable areas in Latin America and we cooperate with non-profit organizations, authorities and companies to jointly implement these education programs.


Vision and mission


To contribute to a world without poverty through education.


We develop innovative, practical and cost-effective teaching aids for adults with the aim of giving them opportunities to cope with their everyday lives better, improve their financial situation and be actively involved in and develop the society in which they live.

We build networks that engage leading figures in the formation of a poverty-free, sustainable society.

Our target group comprises young people and adults in vulnerable areas of Latin America. As these people do not have the funds to acquire our products and services themselves, we collaborate with not-for-profit organisations, authorities, co-operatives and companies.