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Catalina Saico Cruz

From Cusco

I'm not from Andahuaylillas, I'm from the heights, as we say, from Livitaca. My parents were not interested in putting me in school. They said to me, - "you have to take care of the sheep and the cow. What are you going to study for? "Is it so you can send letters to men?" That was how it was before.

Because my dad and my brothers had to dig for potatoes, I always looked after the animals. My father did not want us to study, but my brothers have had the opportunity to travel and they have been able to study in Arequipa.

I want to learn to read documents, receipts and other papers that come to me. Now I learn the vowels and can read different types of texts.

Olinda Silva Díaz

From Urubamba, Cajamarca

For me, there were no opportunities to go to school as my parents did not want me to study. At that time, the parents decided. But that time is over and thanks to FOCUS we learn to do many things.

I was motivated by the teacher Juli from Incawasi where I usually go. I signed up for the literacy program and when the pandemic came I asked her if she could lend the tablet with FOCUS so I could take it home and continue my learning.

It is very good to be able to study at home at times that suit me. I use the time I have free, maybe half an hour or an hour. Then I pause my chores and start working with FOCUS. I work with FOCUS 2 or 3 times a week. My two children support me when the exercises have been a little more difficult.

Before, I only knew how to write single words. Now I write my name and other names and other very important things. FOCUS helps me a lot in mathematics, to know the numbers, to know how to count, to understand the value of coins ... so that I don´t get cheated.

Luz Angélica Cusquisivan Céspedes

From Cruce El Milagro, Pacasmayo, La Libertad

I only went to school until the third grade because my father could not afford to let me continue my studies. I want to learn more so that I can teach my children much more. What I have learned most through FOCUS is addition, subtraction, multiplication and many other things that are in FOCUS. I have also learned to use the tablet. I also like all the texts where I can learn more about cooking and how to run your own business. I also learn a little more about fabrics and I can read stories.

For me, it is very important to be able to study at home, especially now during the pandemic, I do not want to risk that I or anyone in my family will get sick.

Juliana Diaz Alvarado

From Cruce El Milagro, La Libertad

I did not go to school when I was little. My family was a low-income family from the countryside and we were many siblings. I did not have the opportunity to study but I had to work hard. From the time I was a child, through my youth until today, I have worked hard.

For me, it is very valuable to be able to work with FOCUS because I learn many things that I forgot because of the hard work I do every day. Since I am a single mom, I have to work a lot. A big reason why I want to learn more is because I want to be able to understand and participate in my children's schooling.

It is very important that we can study from home and when we have some time left over as it makes it possible to work as usual. Because we have to work sometimes, right? But there are times when I have a few hours left and then I can study to learn more.

I really like the crossword puzzle, because there I learned words that I did not understand and that I could not write. I want to thank my facilitator Yesenia from Dispurse who explained to me when it was difficult and I want to thank the Dispurse foundation for the opportunity.

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