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Our pedagogy

750 million

Over 750 million people in the world lack basic literacy.

We see it as our task to offer our participants an education characterized by a clear resource perspective where all the individual's languages, previous experiences and culture should be the starting point for learning.

Therefore, we continuously strive to be able to offer all our participants an education that takes advantage of their resources and gives them the opportunity to develop a basic literacy that is functional and digital and that can be a first step in their lifelong learning.

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Resource Model

We have the Resource model as the theoretical starting point for the development of our education and our application FOCUS.

The resource model is a didactic model, presented by Qarin Franker 2016. The model is based on Freebody & Luke (1999) and their "The Four Resources Model". The resource model includes a strong resource perspective where the individual and its resources, linguistic, literacy-related and socio-cultural, are the starting point for the design and content of teaching (Franker 2016).

Qarin Franker (2016) highlights the resource model with the four literacy practices as a tool for the teacher to use when planning, implementing and evaluating the teaching. The purpose of the model is to offer the participants a teaching of a basic literacy that takes the starting point in their resources and gives them the space to use and develop all four literacy practices. The model clearly shows how the individual's resources should be used and serve as a starting point in the work within the four different literacy practices.

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Over 750 million people in the world lack basic literacy. Of these, a majority are women. In Peru, over 9 million people have not had the opportunity to complete primary school and almost 1.5 million have never had the opportunity to learn to read, write and count.