Visit to our Ecuador groups

We have three test groups on the north coast of Ecuador for our Dispurse Focus programme, two in the little fishing village of Súa and one in the larger town of Atacames.

Many people here were taken out of school when they were young, some even before they learned to read and write, which means that many of them live simple lives with no scope to influence their situation. Most of them work within fishing, handicrafts or a variety of casual jobs.

We spent a truly excellent week with the groups and supervisors in northern Ecuador. In the space of just a few months the users in the Súa groups have come a long way with the programme, and even the newly-established Atacames group is showing positive results. The town of Atacames is really interested in the programme and we were interviewed by both local radio and TV. Thank you for a wonderful time!


Thank you for sharing!

And you will be helping people to read, write and do arithmetic!