March 23, 2017

Swedish Dispurse launches unique app

Dispurse Focus – a unique app and digital literacy programme that teaches people with no previous knowledge to read, write and do arithmetic from scratch without any support from a teacher or supervisor. 

On 23 March 2017, we will be launching our Dispurse Focus app after 6 years of development together with neuroscientists, educators and test groups made up of around 400 individuals on the ground in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia.

The Dispurse Foundation is a Swedish aid organisation aiming to be a force to counteract poverty in the world. We are convinced that education is one of the most essential pieces of the puzzle to give individuals the tools and power to lift themselves out of poverty. Being able to read, write and do arithmetic is not merely a human right, it is also a key to being able to live an independent life and becoming a positive force who can help to influence and develop society.

Dispurse has long been operating in the north-eastern region of South America, where illiteracy is widespread among the poor segments of the population, and in particular among women.

“What makes the Dispurse Focus app unique compared to other educational apps is that Focus teaches young people and adults to read, write and do arithmetic from scratch without any support from a teacher or supervisor.  The tests have shown good results, and after completing the education process participants have achieved basic knowledge of reading, writing and arithmetic equivalent to school year 3 in Sweden. The app has attracted attention from both politicians and academia, with the biggest university in Peru, La Universidad Catolica, PUCP, having initiated a validation process,” says Ann-Britt Johansson, chairperson of the board at Dispurse.

Focus is primarily used on e-readers and functions with all operating systems. As the app is often used in areas with limited access to wifi, the user is not dependent on regular connection.

“Following our successful test period we are now significantly accelerating the process and our initial target is to educate at least 25,000 women over the next three years, focusing on Peru through our new company that we have set up in Lima to obtain the permits needed for operating in the area,” continues Ann-Britt.

“Technical development means that we can now help so many more people going forward, which is hugely gratifying. The bottleneck in the process will come more from the need to purchase large quantities of e-readers and local logistics management. In this respect we will also need to seek out support among both companies and individuals moving forward. Happily we have also begun receiving support now, from Rotary, among others,” says Ann-Britt.    

For more information

Contact: Ann-Britt Johansson, chairperson of the board and CFO. E-mail:   Mobile: +46 (0)708-737850
Håkan Sträng, member of the board. E-mail:   Mobile: +46(0)708-682621

Dispurse was founded in 1994 by entrepreneur Gert Johansson and is an independent foundation with no political, religious or ideological affiliation. You can view a film about the app at and also read more about Dispurse itself.

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