First meeting with the Colombia group

Colombia is a country of contrasts, a country where people are either very rich or very poor. Also, Colombia has the second largest number of refugees within its own borders in the world.

Our new test group for Dispurse Focus has started in Aguablanca, which are three poor districts in the city of Cali. It only takes us twenty minutes to move between the two seperate worlds of the city. We drive out to where the wealthy Cali doesn’t dare to go, away from nice restaurants and high walls to damaged buildings and lacking security.

Many of the people who live in Aguablanca are so called “desplazadas”, people from the coast or the countryside. They have been forced to leave their homes after militant groups has threatened their families or occupied their land. Here a family of ten can live on 15 square meters, there are few jobs and the street violence is always present. Illiteracy is not uncommon and it can be very hard to get a job without being able to read or write.

Our partner foundation Paz y Bien is located in the center of Aguablanca. They currently have a group of eight users who are learning to read and write through our program, and they’re planning on starting two more groups. We had a lovely visit in October when we got to meet the group, the supervisor and the founder of the foundation.


Thank you for sharing!

And you will be helping people to read, write and do arithmetic!