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Dispurse 2017

"A brand new phase in the history of Dispurse"

The Dispurse Foundation has undertaken a number of projects since 1994, both under its own auspices and in collaboration with and as a contributor to various organisations in different parts of the world. In recent years efforts have been focused on the north-eastern region of South America, where illiteracy is widespread among the poor segments of the population, and in particular among women. Spring 2017 will see a new phase in the history of the foundation, with the launch of Dispurse’s self-developed educational application Focus. The initial objective is to educate at least 25,000 participants over the next 3 years.

Focus is tested for 4 years on 400 test students in 4 countries
“By taking the circumstances, environment and everyday lives of participants as our starting point we can more easily help to ensure that they receive support to initially develop basic literacy and at the next level functional literacy.”
Beatrice Johansson, Project leader and development coordinator for Dispurse application development
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