Dispurse policy


To contribute to a world without poverty through education.


We develop innovative, practical and cost-effective teaching aids for adults with the aim of giving them opportunities to cope with their everyday lives better, improve their financial situation and be actively involved in and develop the society in which they live.

We build networks that engage leading figures in the formation of a poverty-free, sustainable society.

Who we are trying to help

Our target group comprises young people and adults in vulnerable areas of Latin America. As these people do not have the funds to acquire our products and services themselves, we collaborate with not-for-profit organisations, authorities, co-operatives and companies. 


Our culture is characterised by entrepreneurship and faith in each individual’s ability to earn a living and actively participate in and contribute to their society’s development. Our values are based on a strong commitment to and the belief that elementary skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic are key to each individual’s development. In turn, this enables everyone to take part in society’s development, which is essential to good democracy. To us, entrepreneurship is not about becoming stuck in ingrained patterns but about continuously identifying new ways of attaining goals. We work with the participants in their own environment.

We are passionate, open and value all forms of collaboration. Weaving together these values creates a spirit of entrepreneurship that helps to make our vision a reality. In order to be perceived as credible and to be able to carry out our missions over the long term, we are always cost-conscious.

Passion – it is our passionate belief that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to read, write and count. Passion makes us continuously seek out new ways of meeting our participants’ needs so that they can reach their goals. These could be related to technology or pedagogics. Engaging in a democratic society leads to development for everyone. We help participants in their own environment.

Open – open to the fact that we have different cultures and conditions in our lives. An open disposition and sensitivity is called for in order to reach out to all interested parties.

Collaboration – our ability to develop good forms of collaboration with other not-for-profit organisations, with both local and global coverage, is essential for us to achieve our goals. Partners can take the form of agencies, co-operatives, authorities, sponsors, local authority representatives, other local associations and technology companies. Good collaboration with the local community is a must.

Cost-consciousness – keeping costs down is crucial. For each cost the following questions must be carefully asked: Can I do this for less money? Can someone else pay or contribute to the costs? Is the cost absolutely necessary or are there other things that we should prioritise? The donations we receive must absolutely be invested in products and services and help us to reach more participants.

Code of conduct

Guidance for everyone who works in the name of Dispurse.

Vision and mission
You must be familiar with our vision, our mission, who we try to help and our values.

Treat everyone with respect and dignity
We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or offensive treatment. As a representative of Dispurse, you must treat all people with respect and not favour or discriminate against any individual or group due to gender, ethnic background or nationality, religion, different belief or sexual orientation. You must show respect for their integrity, culture and lifestyle. This is particularly important when meeting people in vulnerable situations.

Remember that you represent Dispurse
As a private individual you are entitled to freely express your opinions on various issues. However, you may not comment as a representative of Dispurse in any form of media, written or spoken, on issues that fall outside of your remit. Only the head of the organisation in the respective country may comment on issues at a national or international level.

Manage resources properly
You must be cost-conscious and use resources responsibly and for their intended purpose. All equipment provided by Dispurse must be used in accordance with existing guidelines and be returned after the missions are finished.

Work against all forms of corruption
You must not contribute to corruption by giving or receiving bribes in the form of money, gifts, sexual services or other benefits. Neither may you give gifts or benefits to individuals or groups in return for services. If people or groups still want to show you their appreciation in the form of flowers, chocolate or other small gifts, these may be accepted if they are reasonable.

Be alcohol and drug-free at work
We require you to be alcohol and drug-free at work. In the various missions where you represent us, you are always expected to be sober in situations where alcohol is served.

Take the environment into account and make informed purchases
We endeavour to minimise our environmental impact and we are a climate-aware organisation. We must set a good example in how we run the operation. You should strive to save energy and have materials recycled.
Phone meetings and video conferences are recommended as a way of avoiding unnecessary travel. When making purchases, you should choose an option that has been produced whilst taking the environment and human rights into account.

Adopted by the board meeting on 2 November 2017