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"Being able to read, write and do arithmetic is not merely a human right, it is also a key to being able to live an independent life and becoming a positive force who can help to influence and develop society".


Dispurse Education

By making use of the capabilities of modern-day technology we have, over a period of several years, developed our most exciting project to date: Dispurse Education, our digital distance education process for literacy. Dispurse Education is a learning tool where the user learns to read, write and do arithmetic in a fun and educational way.

An individually adapted learning tool

The Focus literacy programme is an app that has been developed to be used on tablets and smartphones. Our education process is unique in its method, as it is individually adapted to enable it to be used without any teacher support. The system constantly monitors the level of knowledge of the user and adapts the learning process accordingly. 

The participants use tablets

The programme is primarily used on tablets and functions with all operating systems. The material can be used by someone who has never attended school, who cannot yet read and who does not understand the correlation between sounds and letters. The user does not need to have any previous knowledge of using technical devices either.

The tablet does not need to be connected to the internet for the programme to function. However, internet access is needed to download updates to the programme. Internet access for this purpose is usually available at a local centre or elsewhere. 

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